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Action Hero of the Week: Richard Messner

May 10, 2023

Along with his partner Donald Carruthers, FBI agent Richard Messner goes to a Lake Tahoe hotel to put magician/mob informant Buddy “Aces” Israel into protective custody but finds Israel is the target of multiple assassins that turns the hotel into a warzone.

Admit One 6/17/22

June 17, 2022

Lightyear hits theaters this weekend along with almost every major streamer (except Prime Video) getting an original movie, like Spiderhead on Netflix, Father of the Bride on HBO Max, Jerry & Marge Go Large on Paramount+, and more.

News Shotgun 9/11/21

September 11, 2021

Halloween Kills will be available day and date with its theatrical release on Peacock, there are rumblings of 24 potentially coming back, the great Michael K. Williams passed away, Insomniac is working on Spider-Man 2 and a Wolverine game for PS5 and more in this week’s News Shotgun.

Up to Speed: Ballers Season 4

August 10, 2018

The Rock is back on HBO for Season 4 of Ballers as his Spencer Strasmore and his partner Joe (Rob Corddry) continues to try and make big deals with the NFL higher-ups while his player clients all deal with their own personal drama.

Review: Geostorm

October 24, 2017

Despite it’s ridiculous premise and crazy trailers, Geostorm is mostly a boring slog of a disaster action movie with nothing you haven’t seen done bigger and better in other disaster movies.