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Enter the Asylum: Alien Origin


With Prometheus coming out in 2012, The Asylum tried to capitalize with their own take on “aliens creating humanity” story with the found footage, Alien Origin.

No recognizable slumming stars in this one?:  No, but being found footage, I’m more OK with that than usual, because seeing like a Lance Henriksen or something in there would probably kill what little “realism” the movie’s found footage conceit has.

So what’s the plot: Well, we’re watching the edited footage from a lost special forces team from Belize who were sent into the jungle on a vague mission to look for “illegal activity”.  For some reason, accompanying this team is Julia Evans, an “adventure journalist” who is filming the team’s mission for her magazine(?).  On the second day, the team gets a new objective to find a pair of archaeologists who have gone missing near some Mayan ruins.

Where do the Aliens come in?:  Well, one of the missing scientists, Dr. Holden, was investigating some nearby caves and found a mysterious alien skull and then he and his assistant Susan were abducted.

The team then finds both scientists randomly, stumble across a UFO and then are hunted for the last 30 minutes.

So it kind of turns into Predator?: If you strip out everything that made Predator awesome, than yes, it’s like Predator.  The last 30 minutes is one of the most boring, incomprehensible things I have ever seen as you can never tell who is getting killed, where anyone is or what is shooting at them.  You never really see the alien because it’s, aura I guess, causes distortion in the cameras.

So the found footage is kind of annoying?:  Surprisingly not at the start, it seems like it’s actually going to be a decent  found footage movie but in the last 1/3 of the movie it just devolves into the worst tendencies of found footage where it’s all shaking running and static filled shots to obscure the terrible special effects.  The beginning of the movie is actually pretty solid, with a decent build up and hints to the aliens, with footage off of a camera they find on a boat showing it being taken into orbit by the aliens and Dr. Holden’s discovery of the alien skull.

So what’s the actual “Alien Origin” of the title?:  It’s the one of the most shoehorned scenes I’ve ever seen where possibly someone on set realized that they hadn’t done anything to reference what the title suggests and they put one scene at the end where Susan, the assistant of Dr. Holden, says they analyzed the skull and found it had 70% of the same DNA as humans but literally the next thing after this is the credits.  There is no mention or discussion of this, or really anything alien related, during the rest of the movie.

So it’s not worth watching?:  Dear god no, it actually starts out promisingly but then you realized that 90% of the movie is people silently walking through the jungle or shooting at unseen aliens firing what looks like roman candles at them.  Despite some plot holes, at least Prometheus was cool to look at and actually tried to bring up some interesting ideas.  I’ve seen worse found footage movies but Alien Origin is barely in the mediocre range.


News Shotgun 5/4

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt producing a Little Shop of Horrors Remake: Warner Bros. is planning on making a new version of the cult classic musical, Little Shop of Horrors, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt producing, and possibly starring.  For those who don’t know, the movie/musical follows a nerdy guy who works in a flower shop who accidentally grows a giant, talking plant with a taste for human blood.
  • Brad Bird directing Damon Lindelof’s “1952”: Fresh off the massively successful Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, one of Brad Bird’s next projects is directing 1952, written by Lost showrunner and Prometheus writer, Damon Lindelof.  The movie is about a 1952 UFO incident around Washington DC that led to the formation of Project Blue Book, the official government investigation into UFO sightings.
  • Amber Heard joins Machete Kills Heard will play assassin “Miss San Antonio” and is no stranger to schlock, having co-starred with Nicolas Cage in Drive Angry last year.
  • Adam Yauch aka MCA of the Beastie Boys passes away at age 47: MCA had battled cancer in 2009 but was declared cancer free and the exact cause of death has yet to be announced.  Besides being a founding member of the Beastie Boys, MCA was also heavily involved in the movie industry and his label, Oscilloscope Laboratories has helped distribute movies like Dear Zachary, The Messengers, Exit Through the Gift Shop and We Need to Talk About Kevin.
  • Luke Evans might be the villain of Fast Six:  Gina Carano was recently added to the sixth Fast and Furious movie and now Luke Evans, of Immortals, The Raven and The Three Musketeers, might be the main villain.  There were also rumors that Rihanna might be a villain as well.
  • Netflix might resurrect Jericho:  One of most infamous cancelled shows has to be Jericho, the CBS post-apocalyptic drama about a small town trying to survive after America is attacked by nuclear weapons.  The show was cancelled after the first season, which ended on a cliffhanger, and fans responded by sending tons of peanuts to CBS headquarters.  The show was brought back for a short second season which limped toward a semi-conclusion to the story and a comic continued into a “third” season.  Now Netflix might be in talks to revive the show and offer it on their streaming service.  They were one of the original parties interested when CBS was shopping it to other networks before the cancellation.
  • Tom Cruise might star in a rebooted Van Helsing written by Kurtzman & Orci:  The Transformers and Star Trek writing team, Kurtzman & Orci are supposedly writing a reboot of Van Helsing for Universal, with Tom Cruise possibly starring.  The original movie, starring Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale, is widely reviled for it’s terrible mishandling of the Universal Monsters like Dracula and The Wolfman and a ridiculously stupid plot and cringe worthy performances.  A more serious take on the character with a good action director could be a pretty awesome movie.
  • Back to the Future Lego Sets?:  Some pictures of what could be official Back to the Future Lego sets caused quite a stir on the Internet earlier this week.  There is a Deloreon and Marty/Doc for each of the three movies and where submitted on a Lego site where fans can vote on whether the idea will become an official Lego product.  Check out the concepts below
  • Daredevil reboot gets a new script:  A reboot of Daredevil has been in the works for a while, probably since the Ben Affleck led version bombed.  A new script has been ordered by Fox and will be written by screenwriter David James Kelly and director David Slade of Twilight: Eclipse and 30 Days of Night is signed on to direct.  The movie is supposed to be based on the Born Again storyline, where the Kingpin discovers Daredevil’s secret identity, lawyer Matt Murdock,  and sets about to destroy him and everyone he loves.
  • New Hulk possibly coming in 2015: Mark Ruffalo recently signed a six movie deal with Marvel, so new Hulk movies are probably on the way.  The Ed Norton version of the character is highly underrated in most of the Everything Action crew’s opinion and hopefully they don’t go in a radically different version for this new movie that is tentatively set for 2015.  Hulk is apparently selling extremely well for Marvel, comics wise and his co-starring role in The Avengers will probably help make him even more popular with the mainstream crowd.


Cowboys & Aliens Theatrical Trailer

After a teaser trailer and a Super Bowl spot, the full theatrical trailer for Jon Favreau’s Cowboy & Aliens is out.  Starring Daniel Craig as a man who wakes up in the desert with no memory of who he is and a mysterious device on his wrist.  Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell and Olivia Wilde co-star.  I think I keep moving toward the “this looks fun” side of the scale with each trailer and there’s some cool shots of guys on horseback fighting UFOs and people getting lassoed into space.  After the Iron Man movies, I trust Jon Favreau to deliver a fun summer blockbuster.  Check out the trailer below and the movie is out in July.