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Trailer Park: Red Bandapalooza

This week in the Trailer Park; Two new red band trailers for The Happening and Tropic Thunder, A new Hulk trailer, City of Ember and the teaser for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. The Happening

TP: Rock the Night

After a couple weeks break we are Back in Black with a bunch of great new trailers. So don’t Run to the Hills but stay and check them out, and all the other kick-ass stuff we have to offer. The Rocker

TP: Trailers that… aren’t so good

Another week and not a lot of good trailers, probably due to the fact that we’re a month till the summer movie extravaganza. Till then we’re just going to have to make due with what we have. The Love Guru

TP: Controversy with a side of Kung Fu

This week in the Trailer Park we have some controversy, one of the biggest team ups since Heat, the most ADD trailer ever and graphic novel craziness. “Controversy of the Week”: Fanboys

TP: Tropic Thunder, Taken, The Happening

Only one really big trailer this week but there are some others that have come out in the last couple weeks that are worth talking about. Tropic Thunder Zach: Ben Stiller hasn’t exactly been hitting movies out of the park lately (The Heartbreak Kid anybody?) but this looks like it could be a great return […]

Trailer Park

Hey gang, it’s another Friday and another round of trailers from the past week or so. We got Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Edward Norton and the cutest robot ever. The Incredible Hulk Zach: First things first, Ang Lee’s Hulk movie sucked pretty bad. When the main gist of the character is that he is […]

Introducing the Trailer Park

Hey gang,  TGIF am I right?  Anyway, today I’m introducing a new weekly feature to the site, “Trailer Park”, where we take a look at some of the best (and maybe some of the worst) trailers for upcoming movies.  I’ll give my impressions of them and you can share yours in the forum.  Ready, ok, […]

Exclusive: Rob Schneider is…

We’ve made the joke a bunch of times on the show but if you’re not sure where the reference comes from then check out the following video. Matt Stone and Trey Parker show why they are the best in the business of satire and parody as they expose the formula of Rob Schneider’s movies. [MEDIA=9]

Bonus: Superbad DVD Extra

It took a lot of pondering and contemplating, but we finally hammered out 15 whopping categories for our Kick Ass Awards. One category I considered was the “Best DVD Extra”, which would be chock-filled with fantastic DVD extras from 2007’s DVD releases. My choice would be “Everyone Hates Michael Cera”, from the Superbad DVD. It’s […]