Admit One for 9/26

Here’s what out this week for you movie going pleasure. Miracle at St. Anna: 30 % fresh on Rotten Tomatoes RT Consensus: “Miracle at St. Anna is a well-intentioned but overlong, disjointed affair that hits few of the right notes.”

Top 5: Most “Extreme” movies

What happens when you do focus group testing by luring X Games fans into a van with free Monster and asking them what they think would make a good movie?  You get the the Top 5 Most “Extreme” Movies. 5. Extreme Ops Plot: A group of “the most insane individuals in extreme sports” find themselves […]

Yo Adrian…oops Wrong Movie

Yeah, we’re actually talking Cliffhanger today, specifically bonus videos.  So grab some Mountain Dew and throw on some Right Guard Extreme because it might get a little crazy. First up, the truly epic trailer:

New Release Round-Up 9/23

Another week, another round of new releases.  The big deal this week is that it’s officially the start of the new TV season so a bunch of our favorites are back and brand new.  Let’s get to it. DVDs: The Godfather Trilogy: The Coppola Restoration Leatherheads Schoolhouse Rock: Election Collection

The Rambo Arcade game; Awesome Overload.

Wow, can you handle that much awesomeness at one time?  The bad news is that it’s only been released in Japan.  The good news? There’s exploding arrows and a “rage” meter that rises every time you kill someone until you become an invincible, pissed off killing machine.  Sega,  get this thing to America, ASAP! Topless […]

Michael Bay’s Rejected “The Dark Knight” Script

It seems like it’s been a Michael Bay weekend on TV.  You had AMC with Pearl Harbor (Oh God No!) and Bravo with Bad Boys II (Aw Hells Yeah!) and it reminded me of his awesome “The Dark Knight” script that was rejected by Warner Brothers, it has a slightly different tone then the Nolan […]

I’d Buy that for a Dollar

Ctrl-Alt-Nanny “A Bumbling Nerd becomes a Nanny for a Conservative Aristocratic Family in the Feel Good Comedy of the Year“

Admit One 9/19 PLUS Trailer Park

Hey everybody, TGIF right?  Because it’s Friday it’s time for Admit One, where we let you know what’s coming out in theaters this week and we also have some awesome new trailers to check out.  Here’s what’s out this week:

Top 5 Most Ridiculous Natural Disaster Movies

No offense to Steven Seagal but On Deadly Ground’s potential oil disaster (which Seagal probably exasperated by blowing up that oil refinery) is small potatoes compared to some of Hollywood’s other disasters. Here are our picks for the five most ridiculous. 5. Volcano Ah, Volcano, it came out at the peak of the 90’s disaster […]