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Musical Montage: Jamie Foxx “Extravaganza”

From his second album, “Unpredictable”, comes the Jamie Foxx single, “Extravaganza”, where Foxx has a crazy one night stand with a girl after drinking way too much at the bar. The music video for the song puts a weird, murder/police spin on the whole thing.

Musical Montage: Do the Bartman

At the pinnacle of both their power, The Simpsons and Michael Jackson teamed up to get Bart a number one song/dance craze and “Do the Bartman” was the result.

Musical Montage: “Sweep the Leg” by No More Kings

It would probably would have been cool enough that No More Kings’ song “Sweep the Leg” was based on The Karate Kid but they not only got Billy Zabka aka Johnny to direct their video but he also starred and there are cameos from pretty much the entire cast.

Musical Montage: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

He’s an Academy Award nominated actor now, but let us never forget that at one time, Mark Wahlberg led the Funky Bunch as Marky Mark. Check out the official music video for their greatest hit, “Good Vibrations” in this week’s Musical Montage.