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News Shotgun 7/19


  • Gina Carano starring in Avengelyne movieGina Carano is going to be getting a big comic book action movie with an adaptation of Rob Liefield’s Avengelyne.  The character is an angel who battles demons with swords and various other weapons and is very much of the 90’s comics characters inspired by Spawn.
  • Robocop viral site launches: The website for Omnicorp has launched (which you can get to by hitting the link for this story) and it highlights a number of their products including the ED-209 and EM-208 battle droids.
  • The Simpsons will cross over with Family GuyThey’ve referenced each other briefly for jokes but Fox’s two animation titans will be doing a full on crossover episode of Family Guy called “The Simpsons Guy” which finds the Griffins on a road trip and getting lost and ending up in Springfield, where the various characters will pair off for wacky hijinks.
  • First look at new Godzilla:


  • First Look at X-Men: Days of Future Past Sentinels:


  • Firefly game coming to Android/IOSI’m sure fans of the show would like a full on MMO RPG, an official Firefly game is coming to mobile devices from Spark Plug Games.  The game sounds like it’s going to be in the vein of Simpsons Tapped Out or Jurassic Park Builder where you build up your own ship and the interact with other players.
  • David Fincher’s 20,000 Leagues is dead: Long in development has been David Fincher’s adaptation of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for Disney but it was learned this week that that project is dead, with Fincher focusing on The Girl Who Played With Fire and other projects.
  • Black Dynamite comic coming to IDWThe publisher who is currently bringing us fantastic GI Joe, Godzilla, TMNT and Ghostbusters comics is adding Black Dynamite to it’s catalog this fall in an on going new series.
  • Mel Gibson pretty much confirmed for Expendables 3Stallone tweeted out “Mad Max vs Barney Ross…” which everyone is taking as pretty much confirmation that Mel Gibson will be joining the cast of Expendables 3, along with Nicolas Cage, Jackie Chan and Milla Jovovich.
  • First Look at Sean Penn in “The Gunmen”


  • Premiere date for Agents of SHIELD revealed: Marvel and ABC’s highly anticipated show will debut on September 24th, 2013.
  • Army of Darkness getting a comic reboot: There’s a crazily ambitious plan for the Evil Dead franchise of films but a more reasonable format is comics and Army of Darkness is getting a reboot comic series.  There’s been a number of running series out of Dynamite Publishing that crossed Ash over with almost every conceivable other franchise but they haven’t been that great.  This new series will drop all continuity of the other comics and pick up directly after Army of Darkness, the movie.
  • Carmen Sandiego may be coming back to PBS: On their Instagram page, PBS dropped some cryptic pictures that seem to imply that they may start re-airing episodes of the classic game show, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? but there’s no official confirmation or date when they would start.


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