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Nicolas Cage’s Most Insane Character is Back in Arsenal (Trailer)

There have been many insane Nicolas Cage characters over the years, like Lt. McDonagh in Bad Lieutenant or Peter Loew in Vampire’s Kiss but the true Cage connoisseurs know the ultimate in Cagsanity is Eddie King in 1993’s Deadfall:

Eddie is so insane, that apparently not even death by deep fryer is not enough to stop him from coming back next year in the new action thriller Arsenal.  Adrian Grenier and Jonathon Schaech are brothers JP and Mikey, who run afoul of Eddie, now a crime boss, and Mikey is held hostage until JP can get enough money for a ransom.  JP gets help from John Cusack’s Sal, an undercover cop who looks like he watches way too many latter day Steven Seagal movies.  If anything Cage does in this movie is even half as insane as any of his moments in Deadfall, this will be the Nic Cage movie we’ve all been waiting for.  Arsenal is out on January 6 next year and you can check out the trailer below.

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