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A Common Man Trailer

May 1, 2013

Ben Kingsley stars as a seemingly ordinary citizen who plants a series of bombs around a major city and demands the release of a number of captured terrorist leaders in the upcoming thriller, A Common Man. Check out the trailer and come back in two weeks when we’ll have two copies of the movie to give away.

Hummingbird Trailer

March 25, 2013

Jason Statham is taking a dramatic turn in his upcoming movie, Hummingbird, playing a homeless Iraq vet who seeks revenge after his pregnant girlfriend is murdered.

Iron Man 3 Trailer

October 23, 2012

Iron Man faces off against his arch nemesis, The Mandarin, in the first film of Marvel’s Phase Two, Iron Man 3.

Epic Trailer

June 28, 2012

Dreamworks reveals the secret war that rages between two factions of forest dwellers with next year’s Epic.