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Total Recall

Weekly recaps of some of our favorite TV shows

The Jack Attack: Hour 19

We’re back and join Jack as he evades the authorities to try and get the evidence to bring the Russians to justice.

The Jack Attack: Hour 14

Things are getting tense as the terrorists finalize their device and Jack tries to escort the Hassans to safety.

The Jack Attack: Hour 13

Two of the ladies of 24 save the day while the third makes us long for Kim’s cougar adventures from season 2.

The Jack Attack: Hour 11

We all know that Jack can be extremely convincing but he had his work cut out for him last night as he spent most of the episode trying to negotiate with young terrorist Marcos.

The Jack Attack: Hour 10

Jack is back to his old position as head of field ops and doesn’t miss a beat while President Taylor orders an evacuation of the UN after learning about the threat.

The Jack Attack: Hour 9

Plans change for Dana and Farhad while Jack tries to stop CTU from throwing Renee under the bus for the failed undercover operation.