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Review: “Total Recall”

Arnie’s autobiography is a comprehensive look at his fascinating life, but the amusing anecdotes are few and far between.

Review: Red Dawn

The new Red Dawn finally came out over the holiday weekend after three years on the shelf after the MGM bankruptcy. Is it worth watching or should it have been left on the shelf?

Review: Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning

The fourth entry in the Universal Soldier franchise shakes things up by turning the series hero, Luc Devereux, into an insane leader of renegade UniSols, being pursued by Scott Adkins, on a mission of revenge.

Review: Wreck It Ralph

Wreck it Ralph does not quite live up to it’s classic video game overload promised by the trailers but it is still an incredibly fun movie with spectacular visuals and a great voice cast.

Review: Taken 2

Taken exploded onto the action scene four years ago and cemented Liam Neeson as an ass kicking action hero. Now he’s back for Taken 2 but it unfortunately doesn’t live up to the original.

Review: Looper

If you love smart, exciting time travel movies, Looper is a must watch, despite a couple of nitpicks with the pace and plot.

Review: Dredd

Karl Urban puts on the iconic helmet of Judge Dredd for the latest attempt to adapt the classic comic series and the result is a bad ass, bloody action movie that perfectly captures the tone of the character and the comics.
on September 25, 2012

ParaNorman Review

I love horror movies. For my money, horror is the best genre for telling a story and getting a message across, subtext or surface, subtle or screaming. A well-done horror movie will leave its audience thinking about what they saw and felt during the film long after the credits have rolled. It would stand to […]