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Review: Ouija: Origin of Evil

2014’s Ouija was liked by basically no one but it made enough money to warrant a prequel that is basically a complete 180 and gives us a pretty fantastic 60’s based horror movie from Oculus director Mike Flanagan.

Outcast Trailer

Another Robert Kirkman is being adapted for TV with Outcast on Cinemax, which follows a man who is seemingly cursed to see those around him become possessed by demons.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Trailer

The final chapter in the Paranormal Activity series arrives this fall as a new family uncovers the cursed history of sisters Katie and Christie and their young daughter is targeted by the demonic forces that targeted them.

Annabelle Trailer

Annabelle, the creepy demonic doll stopped by the Warrens before the events of The Conjuring gets her own spin-off this October.

Deliver Us From Evil Trailer

Eric Bana stars as an NYPD cop who investigates a series of disturbing murders that he slowly realizes are possibly supernatural in nature in this summer’s Deliver Us From Evil.