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Everything Actioncast Ep. 100 “Fear Boner”

This week on the landmark 100th episode of the Everything Actioncast (with an updated theme song to celebrate the occasion), the entire crew of Zach, Chris, Joe and Brian talk about the legalities of Texas custody law and how it relates to boxing robots, Mickey Rourke, The Simpsons, the Hulk roller coaster, Birdemic, Men in Black III and much more.

New Release Round Up 1/24

Godzilla joins the Criterion Collection, you can upgrade a bunch of your Hitchcock and Woody Allen movies to Blu Ray and Real Steel is out and our Pick of the Week.

Battle at the Box Office 10/31

People were more interested in cute cats than the usual scares at the box office this Halloween weekend as Puss in Boots handily beat Paranormal Activity 3, although nothing really blew away the box office.

Battle at the Box Office 10/17

Real Steel manages to hold off the competition at the box office this weekend to maintain the number one spot but the remake of Footloose was a close second.

Everything Actioncast Ep. 79 “The Goosebumps Killer”

This week on the show the trio of Zach, Chris and Brian discuss the batshit insanity of the American Horror Story pilot, robot boxing with Real Steel, the season finale of Breaking Bad, The Avengers trailer, the future of Die Hard and much more.

Review: Real Steel

Delivering summer fun in the middle of October is (*terrible pun alert*) a knockout with fantastic special effects and the ever charming Hugh Jackman in the lead.