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Know Your “That Guy”: Matt Walsh

A veteran of UCB, Matt Walsh has showed up in pretty much every Todd Phillips movie, and other TV shows and movies as well, usually playing some sort of sarcastic/dead pan cop or doctor.

Battle at the Box Office 6/27

Even though it was the first “rotten” Pixar movie, Cars 2 took the top spot at the box office this weekend, followed by a surprisingly strong Bad Teacher.

Battle at the Box Office 5/16

Thor managed to hold onto the top spot against a strong opening from Bridesmaids while Priest seems to have been ill released as a Summer blockbuster.

Know Your “That Guy”: Richard Jenkins

The versatile Richard Jenkins is able to give an Oscar worthy performance for The Visitor and then turn right around and give a hilariously pissed off performance in Step Brothers, among so many other roles.

New Release Round Up 12/2

A bunch of this summer’s movies are out on DVD this week, so if you missed them now’s your chance to catch up. DVD Wanted