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The Pull List – The Six Million Dollar Man #5

Rebuilt and broken, then rebuilt again, Steve Austin has reduced the value of his million dollar parts. After making a crash landing into Hawaii, Steve, and Niko Abe must figure out a way to stop Amari’s plan to kill the vice president. But the two agents have a few problems to handle first. First, they […]

The Pull List – The Six Million Dollar Man #4

Falling into the depths of the sea, the bionic Steve Austin leaves his partner Niko to face off against two ANSA henchmen. The corrupt technology company plans to eliminate the two agents before they can alert their governments of ANSA’s missile plan. Steve has put his expensive body through some extreme conditions so far, can […]

The Pull List – The Six Million Dollar Man #3

It’s been a rough first mission so far for astronaut turned super spy Steve Austin. He’s been shot at, sliced up and insulted a few things by his partner Niko. Just when it couldn’t get any worst, his battery power needs recharging. But where can a bionic man get a jump start? Steve and Niko […]

The Pull List – The Six Million Dollar Man #2

Agent Niko Abe had spent countless days and hours planning the perfect infiltration mission on the ANSA owned island. She needed to quickly gather evidence of a secret missile project to convince her superiors and the USA government to take down ANSA. Niko was ready for anything, expect Steve Austin. The bionic agent accidentally alerts […]

The Pull List – The Six Million Dollar Man #1

When American astronaut Steve Austin was injured in an accident, a secret government intelligence agency stepped in to rebuild him. Investing six million dollars, Austin underwent an experimental bionic upgrade. Given new legs, an arm, and one eye, Steven can perform superhuman feats. Now Steven Austin is a cybernetic secret agent, using his bionic abilities on top-secret […]