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Y: The Last Man Finally Comes to Life on FX in September (Trailer)

August 5, 2021

After years in development, Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra’s critically-acclaimed comic book series is finally coming to life on FX on Hulu as the world plunges into chaos when a mysterious event causes every living thing with a Y chromosome to suddenly and violently die, except 1 man and his male pet monkey.

Review: Dredd

September 25, 2012

Karl Urban puts on the iconic helmet of Judge Dredd for the latest attempt to adapt the classic comic series and the result is a bad ass, bloody action movie that perfectly captures the tone of the character and the comics.

Dredd Trailer

June 21, 2012

It seems like ample time has passed for everyone to forget the atrocity that was the Stallone take on Judge Dredd so now Karl Urban is stepping up to become the law in the upcoming Dredd, coming out this September.

News Shotgun 9/10

September 10, 2010

This week we learn about an ambitious adpatation of a Stephen King classic, bizarre What If? scenarios with Clint Eastwood and Bruce Campbell’s “Expendables of Horror”.