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New Release Round Up 1/3

One of the best movies and TV show of last year are out on DVD this week along with a bunch of last year’s worst movies.

2011 Emmy Nominations

This year’s Emmy nominations were announced this morning and there’s finally some new faces to compete with old stalwarts like Mad Men and Modern Family.

Admit One 2/18

Liam Neeson is back kicking ass and Martin Lawrence is back dressing like a fat lady, guess which one we’re more excited about.

New Release Round Up 1/18

A bunch of stuff is out this week including season one of Justified, Ernest’s short lived kids show and Buried.

Skyline/I Am Number Four Trailers

Today saw the release of not one but two trailers for Sci Fi alien movies with the second trailer for Skyline and the first trailer for I Am Number Four.

Admit One 2/26

Horror and Comedy go head to head this weekend as The Crazies takes on Cop Out.

The Crazies Trailer

Check out the pretty creepy trailer for the upcoming remake of George A. Romero’s The Crazies.