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Everything Action Theater: Axe Cop “Night Mission: Stealing Friends Back”


Fox is debuting a brand new block of animation this coming Saturday with Animation Domination HD or ADHD for short but they gave us a preview of the two big new shows this past Sunday, the biggest being Axe Cop.  If you’re not familiar with the comic it’s based on, Axe Cop was written and illustrated by 29 year old Ethan Nicolle, who took whatever plots and ideas that came from his 5 year old brother, Malachi, resulting in tons of ridiculous, action packed adventures, usually involving ninjas, dinosaurs and explosions.  The first episode of the cartoon finds Axe Cop (voiced by Nick Offerman) going on a “night misssion” in a literal cat suit and finding the superhero Bat Warthog Man, whose friends have been kidnapped by the King of All Bad Guys.  The two team up with another hero, Gray Diamond, and jump Axe Cop’s monster truck police car into space.  It’s a fantastic first episode and the best part is how deadpan Nick Offerman is when absolute absurdity is happening every minute.  Check out the full episode below and things officially kick off on Saturday at 11 PM on Fox.

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