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Vikings Season 3 Trailer

Posted on July 26, 2014 by


History’s epic series, Vikings, is back for a third season next year and things more violent than ever for Ragnar Lothbrok and his people.  After violently taking over as king of his people last season, Ragnar seems to still have his eyes set on England, although he has an uneasy alliance with one of England’s rulers, King Ecbert.  Athlestan, Rollo, Floki, Lagartha, Bjorn and Aslaug are all back for the next season and according to showrunner Michael Hirst, Ragnar will reach Paris this coming season, which was still a Roman city at the time, and launch a spectacular 100 ship raid upon it.  There will also be more intrigue on the English side of things, with Ecbert but also Princess Kwenthrith, who is using viking warriors as mercenaries.  The new season will debut in the spring of next year and the trailer is below.

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