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The Pull List – Red Sonja #1

January 31, 2019

Rulers and warriors all fear her. The oppressed and the exploited call out to her. And if you dare raise a sword against her, prepare to witness why she has earned the title of She-Devil. Red Sonja has traveled back to her homeland of Hyrkania, a place she has not visited for some time. Hyrkania had crafted […]

The Pull List – John Wick #4

December 21, 2018

Looking to put a stop to Wick’s assault, Buffalo and Bill turn to the crazed killer Calamity. Out of all the members of Three Bills gang, Calamity is the worst. Deadly and unhinged, Calamity is a ruthless force that leaves behind many bodies. She’s a gunman that isn’t afraid to make some noise and will crumble anything […]

The Pull List – John Wick #3

September 20, 2018

John Wick makes an explosive reunion with Buffalo and Bill, the last of the remaining Three Bills. After carefully making up his way up through hired guns and henchmen, John is prepared for a fierce fight with his former tormentors in El Paso, Texas. This has been twelve years in the making, ever since John witnessed […]

The Pull List – John Wick #2

April 19, 2018

Picking up the night after John’s rescue of Charon, a concierge for the Continental Hotel. The two head to Continental Hotel El Peso, the Texas branch of a hotel that caters to criminals. While John takes in the new surrounds and gets a rundown of the house rules, his presents at the hotel draws some attention. He […]

The Pull List – John Wick #1

December 4, 2017

We’ve seen what happens when you kill John Wick’s dog. We’ve also seen what happens when you blow up John Wick’s house. But what happens to John Wick before he was the most feared assassin? Before he was the Baba Yaga? Dynamite’s John Wick issue 1 takes place before the events of the movies and starts the […]

The Pull List One Shot: James Bond #1

November 9, 2015

Comics legend Warren Ellis is behind a new on-going James Bond comic series from Dynamite and the first issue finds Bond seeking revenge for the fallen 008 before being sent to track down the source of a new synthetic drug.