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Action Hero of the Week: Wade Watts

January 22, 2020

Pop culture obsessed Wade Watts becomes embroiled in a battle for the future of the virtual universe OASIS when its creator dies and leaves behind a series of challenges that will give control of the entire system to whoever solves them first.

The 13th Annual Kick Ass Awards

February 21, 2019

Forget this weekend’s Oscars, the 13th annual Kick Ass Awards are back to award the best and the worst of 2018. Who is the Ass Kicker of the Year and what is our pick for Kick-Ass Movie of the Year? Read on to find out.

New Release Round Up 7/24

July 24, 2018

Not a lot out this week but you can pick up Ready Player One, the Chinese action phenomenon Operation Red Sea, the Shout Factory edition of In the Mouths of Madness and a few other things

Battle at the Box Office 4/16

April 16, 2018

Rampage took the top spot at the box office with the third highest opening ever for a video game movie while A Quiet Place stayed strong in second and Truth or Dare continued Blumhouse’s insane profitability by earning back around 6 times it’s budget in its first weekend.