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Up to Speed

Get ready for new TV seasons by seeing what happened previously

Up to Speed: Colony Season 2

Season 2 of USA Network’s alien invasion/occupation show Colony debuts tonight (1/12) and there’s a recap of Season 1 here that will get you caught up/refreshed on what went down last year.

Up to Speed: Helix Season 2

SyFy’s viral outbreak series Helix is back for a second season this Friday and you can catch up on the first season’s mix of The Thing and Outbreak right here.

Up to Speed: Sleepy Hollow Season 2

Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) himself attempts to recap the insane events of the first season of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow before Season 2 debuts on Monday on Fox.

Up to Speed: Mad Men Season 7

The first half of the final season of Mad Men kicks off on Sunday night with Don and possibly some other Sterling Cooper staff heading to California as the 60’s fade into the 70’s.

Up to Speed: Game of Thrones Season 4

Only a show as epic as Game of Thrones would require a 25 minute recap video for the third season. Check it out here to get ready for the fourth season premiere on Sunday at 9 pm at HBO.