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Enter the Asylum: Transmorphers

The Asylum threw everything they had into their mockbuster of the first Michael Bay Transformers movie and the result is the futuristic sci fi “epic”, Transmorphers.

Know Your “That Guy”: William Morgan Sheppard

You’ve heard his distinctive voice in games like Medal of Honor, The Conduit and Chronicles of Riddick and you’ve seen William Morgan Sheppard on screen in movies like The Prestige and shows like Star Trek and Doctor Who.

Musical Montage: Powerglove

Simultaneously one of the most bad ass and nerdy metal bands is Powerglove, wearing Koopa armor and specializing in metalized covers of cartoon theme songs.

Review: Battleship

After the success, at least monetarily, of the Transformers series, Hasbro has dug into the their catalog of toys to find another hit. Battleship is definitely a miss (pun intended).

Battleship Trailer

The first of Hasbro’s board game to movie adaptations is Battleship, starring Liam Neeson and directed by Peter Berg. Check out the first trailer.