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Battleship Trailer

The first of Hasbro’s board game to movie adaptations is Battleship, starring Liam Neeson and directed by Peter Berg. Check out the first trailer.

Know Your “That Guy”: Frank Welker

Although you’ve probably never seen his face, if you’ve watched any 80’s cartoon you’ve probably heard at least 3 different versions of “voice god” Frank Welker’s voice.

Musical Montage: Transformers

With Transformers: Dark of the Moon out this week, we take a look back at the Transformers 80’s animated movie, that features arguably the greatest soundtrack in film history, led, of course, by Stan Bush’s “The Touch”.

New Release Round Up 5/24

Not the best week for New Releases but our Pick of the Week is pretty awesome with the complete classic Transformers series.

Everything Actioncast Ep. 52 “The Governator”

The Everything Actioncast has been on the Internet airwaves for 1 year! Zach, Chris and Joe are on to celebrate with predictions about what will happen on Arnold’s new cartoon, Blank Check and other movies about being rich, Green Lantern and more.

Blood Bros: First Blood

Musical group The Blood Bros. have unleashed what is possibly the greatest mixtape in human history with First Blood.