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The Pull List – God of War: Fallen Gods #1

March 8, 2021

After Zeus’ death and the destruction of his rule, Kratos believed his torment would be over. Severing his connection to the gods and exiling himself, the God of War was to be no more. However, no matter how far he roams or what attempts he tries, he cannot outrun his fury and guilt. A war rages inside of Kratos, fighting to keep what little he has left to gain or lose.

The Pull List – God of War #4

February 11, 2019

When his words of peace fail to stop the berserkers from attacking, Kratos is pulled into battle. Surrounding the former God, the berserkers transform into their bear form. Kratos’s patience to hold back his rage is lost when the berserkers give up their chance for a truce. They have followed Kratos to his home, placed Atreus in […]

The Pull List – God of War #3

January 4, 2019

Kratos seeks out a mystic Seer to learn about the berserkers, the mighty warriors that have come for revenge for their slain clansmen. The Seer reveals the source of the berserkers come from their devotion to a god that gives the warriors the beastly strength of a bear. However, the Seer warns Kratos that challenging the berserkers […]

The Pull List – God of War #2

December 6, 2018

An angry pack of berserkers has followed Kratos to his home. Ready to defend his son Atreus, Kratos launches to attack the members of the mysterious bear cult. With countless battle experience, Kratos handles the attacking bear warriors, but Atreus has never tension of combat. Afraid he will be lost in the bloodlust, Kratos grapples with […]

The Pull List – God of War #1

November 9, 2018

After the Gods of Olympus were defeated, Kratos had left to find a new place to rest his weary head. But it seems no matter where he goes, chaos follows. Kratos had rebuilt his life in a remote area of the Norse wildlands. Starting a family, raising a son and silencing the rage that had […]

E3 2017: Sony

June 12, 2017

Sony featured an almost non-stop hour of trailers for their big E3 showcase, including gameplay for Insomniac’s Spider-Man game, God of War, Detroit Become Human, Days Gone, a complete remake of Shadow of the Colossus and more.

Review: Wonder Woman

June 6, 2017

After two messy (but still interesting, at least to us) DC Extended Universe movies last year, 2017 gets off on much more solid footing with the fantastic solo Wonder Woman movie, as the perfectly cast and bad ass Gal Gadot as Diana heads to World War I to hunt down Ares, the God of War, with American agent Steve Trevor (Chris Pine)

E3 2016: Sony

June 13, 2016

Sony ended the major E3 press conferences with a bang, dropping tons of huge reveals including the new God of War, Resident Evil VII, remastered Crash Bandicoot, the new game from Hideo Kojima and so much more.