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Weekly recaps of some of our favorite TV shows

When You’re A Spy: Sea Change

In the penultimate episode of Burn Notice, Michael is handed the keys to James’ organization and the power it will give him might cause him to lose his friends, who are desperate to get him out any way possible.

When You’re A Spy: Tipping Point

An action packed episode of Burn Notice ends with Michael revealing himself to James and Sonya after the CIA betrays his trust and brings one of his most hated enemies in to help in the capture of James.

When You’re A Spy: Things Unseen

Michael’s latest mission for James with Sonya is to take out a former ally while the gang in Miami helps Carlos when a man he helped put in prison is out and looking for revenge.

When You’re A Spy: Bitter Pill

James tasks the Burn Notice team with protecting a visiting dignitary but they are soon in a race against time when they have to find the antidote after he is poisoned.

When You’re a Spy: Nature of the Beast

The team splits off into pairs this week as Sam and Michael go back to the Dominican Republic to capture a corrupt narcotics officer for James while Fi and Jesse back Strong as he follows a lead to a mental patient James was paying to keep locked away.

When You’re A Spy: Psychological Warfare

As part of a test to get fully into Sonya’s organization, Michael endures a drug induced, Inception style journey through some of his darkest memories as the group’s leader, James, tries to determine what kind of man Michael truly is.