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The Pull List

The Pull List One Shot: James Bond #1

Comics legend Warren Ellis is behind a new on-going James Bond comic series from Dynamite and the first issue finds Bond seeking revenge for the fallen 008 before being sent to track down the source of a new synthetic drug.

All New, All Different Marvel Comics Universe

Following Secret Wars, the Marvel comics universe will have a major shakeup as new teams are forming, old teams are getting new members, a bunch of characters are getting their own books and much more, check them all out right here.

The Pull List 9/18

Deadpool takes on 90’s animal supersoldier team Brute Force, the children of the Purple Man arrive in Daredevil’s new hometown, the Turtles end up in the future and much more in this week’s Pull List.

The Pull List 8/21

The Turtles fight in gladiator battles on an alien planet in a throwback annual issue, Daredevil heads to Wakanda to rescue his mother, Nova teams with Rocket to learn the truth about his father and more in this week’s Pull List.