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The Pull List – Giants #5

The tense between Gogi and Zedo has reached it’s peak and now the two brothers square off. One for defending his new family, and the other for greed to take over the Underground City. Zedo has ambushed the Forsaken and laid ruin to their home. Without Uron around to help, Gogi must face his brother alone […]

The Pull List – Giants #4

A year has passed since Gogi and Zedo had separated, each of them have found ways to survive and grow in their new surroundings. Gogi has been accepted into The Forsaken, becoming familiar with the ruin city and a fierce fighter. Zedo has formed his own gang, the Blackmouths, and has begun to build up […]

The Pull List – Giants #3

In a world where monsters literally roam, finding ways to survive are desperate measures.  Giants #3 picks up a few days after the Gogi is rescued by the surface scavenger group The Forsaken. Gogi had fallen ill from his injuries and need to fully recover. He had spend the time anxiously waiting to be lead back to […]

The Pull List – Giants #2

In the next installment of Giants, Gogi and Zedo have been separated from each other after a dangerous gathering mission gone wrong. Gogi finds himself on the frozen top surface of the world in a desolate ruin city covered in snow. He finds help in a group of young survivors lead by an older boy named Uron. With […]

The Pull List – Giants #1

If you are looking for a new kaiju story in your comics, the Valderrama Brothers got you covered in Dark Horse Comics Giant. Set in a post apocalyptic world that has left the earth destroyed by giantic monsters, the remnants of humanity has taken to the underground while avoiding the roaming monsters that battle on the surface […]