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The Pull List – Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #8

June 26, 2019

Reprogrammed to build the perfect soldier, Bloodshot has taken on the identity of Angelo Mortalli, Vernon Krieg, Moon Blood, and many others. However, in an attempt to force an identity onto Bloodshot, Project Rising Spirit had perfected a bloodthirsty maniac. To stop Bloodshot, Colonel Gavin Daube is given nanites to repair his damaged body and […]

The Pull List – Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #7

May 27, 2019

Project Rising Spirit successfully implants a memory that alters Bloodshot’s mind. Director Cormac had used a radical procedure to insert a false identity and celebrates the experiment’s completion. However, the director is unaware of the consequences of his radical action and a sadistic Bloodshot goes on a rampage. Doctor Olga Strauss and Colonel Gavin Daube, […]

The Pull List – Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #6

April 23, 2019

  Captured in by the H.A.R.D. Corps. Bloodshot is taken back to Project Rising Spirit. The individual false memories had failed to root in Bloodshot’s mind, resulting in his mental break down. Regardless of the unsuccessful operation, Project Rising Spirit process to try one more attempt to control Bloodshot. Running through separate memories in Bloodshot’s […]

The Pull List – Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #5

March 25, 2019

Enraged and confused, Bloodshot is cornered by the H.A.R.D. Corps. The enhanced super soldiers have their guns trained on the wild prototype weapon. Unaware of the garbled mess in Bloodshot’s mind, they warn him to stand down. But all Bloodshot sees is a new threat that he has to eliminate. Warned that Bloodshot cannot be […]

The Pull List – Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #4

February 25, 2019

The mission in Dubai covers a hotel swarming with Russian kidnappers, trying to stop Project Rising Spirit from retrieving a scientist. But in a disoriented moment, Bloodshot goes missing. Now their most experimental deadly weapon is on the loose, sending Project Rising Spirit to call in the backup plan. The black ops team known as the H.A.R.D. […]

The Pull List – Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #3

January 29, 2019

Given a task to cause a geopolitical disaster, the agent known as Moon Blood carries out the most dangerous covert operations in the 19th century. Enhanced by groundbreaking experimental science, an unknown man is able to regenerate his cells and making him a nearly unkillable machine. However, on his last assignment, Moon Blood becomes immobilized for nearly a century until […]

The Pull List – Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #2

December 18, 2018

Experimented, analyzed and retested, Project Rising Spirit is struggling to figure out why Bloodshot is rejecting multiple memory implants. Mob hitman, war veteran, test subject; all these past lives are crumbling apart, sending Bloodshot into a fit of rage. Distorted experiences leave Bloodshot confused to what is real and what is artificial. As his mind is […]

The Pull List – Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #1

November 12, 2018

Before he was the deadly nanite enhanced super-soldier Bloodshot, the man he was before lived a tragic life. But the actual origins of Bloodshot beginnings have been a carefully planned deception. The life Bloodshot had before was eased and replaced with false memories, manipulation Bloodshot for other’s benefits. Captured and undergoing a reprogramming, Bloodshot’s mental state begins […]