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Enter the Asyulm

Exploring the world of “mockbusters” from schlock purveyors The Asylum

Enter the Asylum: Age of Dinosaurs

Jurassic Park meets Die Hard in The Asylum’s B movie mash-up, Age of Dinosaurs, starring Treat Williams and everyone’s favorite 80’s villain, Ronny Cox.

Enter the Asylum: American Warships

Mario Van Peebles is the captain of the USS Iowa, which is detoured on it’s final trip to San Pedro, CA when aliens start attacking North Korean and US targets in an attempt to start World War III in the Asylum’s American Warships.

Enter the Asylum: Alien Origin

With Prometheus coming out, The Aslyum put out their own alien movie with the found footage Alien Origin, which actually feels more like a low rent Predator knock off.

Enter the Asylum: 6 Guns

The Asylum tried their hand at their first, and I believe last, western with 2010’s 6 Guns, coming out around the same time as Jonah Hex.

Enter the Asylum: Mercenaries

Enter the Asylum is back with The Asylum’s take on Expendables, the all female Mercenaries, recruited by Cynthia Rothrock, led by Zoe Bell to take down Bridgette Nielsen.

Enter the Asylum: Haunting of Winchester House

The Asylum turns the story of Sarah Winchester and her crazy house into a cash-in to try and get in on the trend of horror/exorcism movies, specifically 2009’s The Haunting in Connecticut, with Haunting of Winchester House.

Enter the Asylum: Princess of Mars

With Princess of Mars, The Asylum first tried to capitalize on the fact that it “inspired James Cameron’s Avatar” and then re-released it when Disney’s version came out in 2012.